Coaching is a goal-oriented and creative process that helps people maximize their professional and personal potential. It is the best platform to develop leaders because it helps motivated professionals tackle the challenges they face in a positive and pragmatic way that leads to sustained results and growth.

In today’s excessively demanding world, it has become increasingly difficult to set aside time for exploration and introspection. The coaching engagement creates structure and space to reflect on your priorities, ambitions, opportunities and the hurdles that are getting in your way.

Through a series of coaching sessions, I will partner with you to develop a platform for Awareness, Choice and Trust (ACT):

  • Awareness is about seeing your current situation with clarity and renewed perspective.
  • Choice is about moving in a focused direction to create the future you want.
  • Trust is about developing lasting belief in your own inner resources to enable that forward momentum.

My coaching approach uses relevant tools and exercises to support the specific outcomes you are striving to achieve. Our conversations will be candid, challenging, inspiring and always non-judgmental. The aim is to highlight patterns and habits that are getting in your way and to discover the mindsets and influences that will allow you to succeed and then to hold you accountable for taking the actions you have planned.

What makes external coaching so impactful is that you are partnering with an objective and neutral business resource who holds conversations in complete confidence. As a former executive leader myself, I appreciate the importance of confidentiality, honesty and accountability. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to their Code of Ethics.