Compelling conversations have the power to evoke change.

The coaching process is a series of in-depth conversations that build a partnership between client and coach in support of the client's growth and development objectives.

In each coaching session, you choose the focus of conversation and the discussion is guided by you - where you are now, where you want to be in the future and what you are willing to do to get there. The conversations are designed to develop clarity and to generate results from your choices and action.

At the outset, we explore what you want to achieve and map out a personalized coaching plan with defined outcomes. Where relevant, I will incorporate assessment tools that help uncover insights and offer a new perspective and opportunities for growth. As sessions continue, goals and objectives may evolve and change and are re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

The coaching engagement typically happens over 6 to 12 months. The one hour sessions are scheduled biweekly or monthly, depending on your timeline and the urgency of your goals. Sessions are held over video conference or in person.

Throughout the engagement, the coaching will be:

  • focused on your agenda
  • based on real-time challenges that you are facing rather than hypothetical situations
  • action oriented so you develop and implement practical strategies for growth
  • completely confidential, enabling you to openly explore limiting beliefs, fears or insecurities that you wouldn’t share with peers, colleagues or supervisors
  • holding you accountable, so you follow through on your planned actions

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen relationships and emotional intelligence skills
  • Manage time and priorities to achieve results and create a more balanced life
  • Elevate communication skills to the next level
  • Lead with greater confidence and purpose
  • Increase influence at all levels of the organization
  • Improve strategic focus and decision-making
  • Optimize individual and team performance and effectiveness
  • Inspire, engage and develop your team to achieve their optimum performance
  • Enhance executive presence
  • Plan and manage career path and grow skills accordingly
Physicians and Healthcare Executives

Research shows that 68% of organizational leaders are overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change. In healthcare, the situation is exacerbated by continuously increasing clinical demands, growing administrative and academic pressures, tighter budgets and now, the added strain of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Studies indicate 40 – 60% rates of burnout among physicians across all specialties, and healthcare executives are reporting greater challenges than ever before.

Just like coaching for athletes, this program will help you set specific goals, improve commitment and motivation, manage stress and conflict, and create sustained results that will maximize your impact and success. 

Through the coaching process we will work together to develop the agility, skills and presence needed to lead with confidence: 

  • Improve prioritization and time management.
  • Reduce stress and build confidence.
  • Develop an adaptive and resilient leadership style.
  • Identify your natural strengths and learn how to use them.
  • Manage conflict and tension.
  • Create more balance between your professional and personal life.
Leadership Development


Self-awareness is the foundation of leadership excellence. We will work together to help you understand your values, strengths, areas of development, passion and purpose, and how all these link to your personal and professional goals. Understanding these aspects of who you are impacts the way you live, work and lead.


Courage, adaptability, commitment and creativity are crucial in facilitating system-wide transformation. Learn how to challenge your assumptions and shift towards an adaptive leadership approach that will allow you to thrive during times of change.


Team performance is critical for organizational success. Through the coaching process you will develop a leadership style and strategy that inspires the creation of a shared team vision, enhances communication, sharpens negotiation skills and improves collaboration. 


Improve focus, presence and personal resilience. Develop a personal operating system that will allow you to be more organized, productive and energized in achieving your goals. 

Managing Stress & Burnout

Burnout has reached epidemic proportions, with 50% of employees, across all sectors, describing themselves as feeling burnt out. As many as 95% of corporate leaders have stated that employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention and wellness. While research has focused specifically on workplace burnout, people can experience burnout in different aspects of their lives. 

There are six key components that contribute to individual and team burnout: workload, control, fairness, values, reward and community.

Potential for burnout increases when any of these six areas are misaligned with expectations and capabilites in career and/or home environments. Over time, engagement and performance erode because the demands being placed on people exceed the physical and emotional resources they have available to deal with the stressors.   


  • Identify the areas that are misaligned and leading to burnout
  • Get clarity on your values and goals
  • Choose where you want to make changes
  • Learn to integrate rest and renewal into your routine
  • Reduce the time and energy you spend worrying
  • Create and execute a plan that allows you to thrive
Team Development & Effectiveness

Research shows that teams who achieve high levels of participation and cooperation are more productive and creative. This requires mutual trust among members, a sense of belonging, belief in a worthwhile purpose, group efficacy and an understanding that everyone benefits when the team is effective as a whole.

You will develop a leadership style and strategy that improves interpersonal dynamics, inspires constructive interactions, creates efficient work processes and enhances team effectiveness.


  • Maximized activity and energy
  • Follow-through on commitments
  • Resilience and adaptability to change
  • Improved quality and performance
  • Engagement and cooperation
  • Productive conflict
  • Higher levels of creativity and innovation
Executive Onboarding

For executives entering a new position, the first 18 months are crucial to long term success. More than half of executives fail during this period leading to wasted resources and organizational turmoil. The solution is ensuring new executives are properly supported during their time of transition and integration. The executive onboarding program supports a leader's successful acclimation into the organization or team culture, setting short and long-term goals, dealing with challenges and building key stakeholder relationships.

In this program I will partner with you through the adjustment process – as a trusted sounding board, an experienced navigator of people and politics and a communications expert – to support and accelerate your transition into the new role. The process will leverage your strengths, identify the gaps and set you up for success.

Career Transitions

Are you uninspired in your current job and looking to make a move? Do you want to make a bigger impact? Are you tired of feeling stressed and frustrated at work? Do you wish you could create a bit more balance in your career and personal life?

I work with leaders at all levels to help them get unstuck and make the changes that will lead to a more fulfilling and successful career. 

This coaching program will help you achieve your goals and maximize your potential. We’ll identify the areas you'd like to change, leverage your strengths to make choices that make sense and create a plan that will lead you in the right direction.