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We are all a work in progress - a continuous cycle of evolving beliefs, attitudes and experience, and at every step of the way the choices we make impact how our lives are shaped. If we choose to grow - professionally and personally - we must answer three questions: what do we know, what do we want, what can we do to get there?

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Achieve Your Goals

I work with leaders and organizations to help them maximize their potential. My coaching approach is a framework for uncovering insights and creating clarity so you can accelerate your professional and personal growth. It allows you to develop a deeper awareness of your strengths and challenges, set specific goals and design actions that help you achieve those goals.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a goal-oriented and creative process that helps people maximize their professional and personal potential.

Coaching Programs

Explore the different programs to decide what you want to achieve and we will map out a personalized coaching plan with defined outcomes.

Client Testimonials

My first session with Lili was one of the most insightful experiences in my professional career. She guided me through various exercises that highlighted my strengths and helped me better understand myself. I am continuously amazed at her ability to bring out the best in others. She opens your mind to viewing challenges and obstacles in a new and more positive light. Since I started my sessions with Lili, I’ve noticed a massive shift in how I approach day-to-day situations. Lili equipped me with the tools I needed to build my confidence and harness my potential.


I’ve felt so fortunate to have had Lili as my coach over the last year. As professional opportunities and challenges have come up, Lili’s guidance has been invaluable - helping me weigh options, define my approach and my action plans - to get me where I want to be. She’s great at asking the right questions and adding just enough pressure to make you find your own way and the answers you’re seeking. Thank you Lili!


I have been in leadership roles for a large part of my career but before working with Lili, I was not entirely clear how an executive coach would provide input. Working with Lili has been very eye opening and extremely useful. She helped me to clearly define my goals and expectations, directed me in determining how best to achieve those goals and also how to anticipate and deal with the inevitable challenges that can often block the way forward. She was able to draw on her extensive experience to give me the means with which to fully understand and achieve my own professional and personal vision.


Lili knows how to ask the right questions that make you aware of things you just didn’t realize before. She helps me understand how to use my natural strengths to become a more intuitive leader and be more confident in my own abilities.


I’m fortunate that I’ve always been successful in my career, but I was feeling overwhelmed by the increasing demands & constant changes facing my team and organization. It felt like I was just staying afloat. Lili’s coaching helped me figure out where I was getting stuck and how to overcome my biggest obstacles. Her approach is so practical & strategic.


Working with Lili has given me a new perspective on what success means to me. I was skeptical about coaching, but I saw the difference it can make right from the first session. It has helped me deal with some really challenging issues. Lili’s calm, honest and non-judgmental approach is helping me be both more productive and happier in my career.


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